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Dedicated to Falconry and Bird of Prey education.
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                                              Desert Wings, Who and What We Are:

    Desert Wings was founded in 1991 by Dana DeVries, Desert Wings is backed with over 25 years of Falconry experience. Desert Wings provides top-notch Bird of Prey education programs with an introduction to the world of Falconry, stressing education in the areas of conservation, preservation and natural history of Birds of Prey in Arizona and North America. 
    Desert Wings Falconry equipment is custom made by order only. Specializing in Dutch and Anglo hoods and hand braided jesses, leashes and field jesses. Sold in sets in sizes to accommodate the smallest accipiters to the largest of hawks and falcons.  
    Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Desert Wings has established a relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!   

                                                             From the founder:

     "I founded Desert Wings in 1991, with the blessings from my Falconry sponsor, the late Bill Girden, a man who worked wonders with the eyas, brancher and passage Coopers; a man that would never allow me to buy anything from a Falconry "out-fitter". He stated, "If you desire to know and become a worthy Falconer, you will learn to design, build and craft all that you will need; anklets, jesses, leashes, perches, bells....." I took his words to heart. When I crafted my first few hoods for my hawks, those who saw them liked the artistic yet functional quality. The requests began to pour in from fellow falconers for me to craft one for their hawk or falcon. Bill gave me some hood blocks instructed me in design and function, pushing me to succeed. That was the start of Desert Wings, "Production of custom hand crafted Dutch and Anglo Indian Hoods for the Falconer and art collector". I have since expanded to include braided Falconry equipment such a leashes and jesses, however, my greatest challenge has been to cover the immense need for natural history education to the public."    -Dana DeVries-

                                                     Founder's Biography:

    Dana DeVries, Class III Falconer, craftsman, consultant, educator, sales associate and IT professional. Dana was born and raised in Tucson, AZ. As a nature enthusiast she has dedicated her life to the preservation of everything "wild", her passion lies with Birds of Prey. She participated in the research and collection of materials for the book "Raptors of Arizona" and provided her Harris Hawk for the book “7 Days in Tucson”. She furthered her career with birds of prey at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum where she created the "Free Flight Bird of Prey Program" in 1996 and became known to those that worked for her as "The Bird Whisperer". 

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